Because Life Was Never Meant to be Taken Seriously
 Parties Events Classes What is Improv? It is a type of entertainment that is totally improvised. Often, the audience chooses the characters and the plot. There is short form and long form, but our business focuses on short form. These are 3 to 10 minute skits that are performed in many different fashions. Improv does not have to be comical, but most often is because we never know what is going to come up when we are being spontaneous! Improv is becoming very popular and it is not just for the pros anymore. EVERYBODY is a comedian at heart!!! Improv is for anybody who wants to have fun! It is not necessary to be experienced at improv in order to do well or enjoy it. We facilitate classes for groups of experienced and fledgling improv artists as small as 6 and as large as your group* can handle. Ways in which improv is beneficial: #Being spontaneous is a great tool for relaxation #Laughter is contagious and great for your health and complexion #Interacting with others as a team is great for developing social skills Improv makes a party or event really fun and interesting!!